Spin Cycle

Knowing we would need to purchase a washer and dryer for our new home, I jumped online to do some homework. I looked at consumer reports, customer feedback and comparison charts, time and time again Samsung seem to shine, boasting the best quality for the price. I felt convinced, but still shuttered at the thought of handing over our credit card number! As time crept closer to our moving date we took a trip to the appliance store.

This is what our laundry room looked like last week
 and this is us trying to remedy our piles of dirty laundry, with good spirits
so many brands, colors and settings
electric or gas?
steam dryer or not?
front loaders or the new top loaders (they claim to be just as efficient)?
white or red or silver?
Considering our shortage of funds this month,
 it was a challenge not to tell the service folks to load up the cheapest set in the store.
Naturally, I was attracted to the prettiest set, but prettier equals pricier.
We quickly became tired and overwhelmed.
So, I did what I always do, I found a sales clerk and asked,
"where is the best set for the best price?"
The gal marched me right over to the Samsungs, no joke.

Of course we didn't pull the trigger on our first visit, like any good consumer we waited until the last minute and drove all the way back up the hill to buy the exact set that we settled on the first trip.

Thanks to Grandfather Bill for our new washing machine!
We will do your laundry any time!


Now for some quick facts, that we learned along the way. Perhaps making your washer/dryer purchase more efficient.
1. Love the pretty colors, me too...there is probably a white option for less money. Plus, consider where you are doing laundry.
2. Steam Dryer, hmm no ironing? Much more expensive and the Internet claims that unless you have a job that requires a suit, then the steam option is probably not worth it. I believe everything the Internet says:)
3. Front Loaders vs. New Style Top Loaders? Both energy efficient but now the front loaders are cheaper than the fancy energy efficient uprights.
4. Front Loading pedestals? Save your money, they are about 230.00 each...bend at the knees or build your own.
5. You know the Sears commercials that rave about "same day delivery"- FALSE
6. If you have a gas dryer option, it will cost you a little more up front, but save you lots of money and energy over the life of your new dryer.

Happy Shopping!

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