2nd Street Interior No. 3/3

The Nooks and Crannies Tour

I thought I would show you the last of the house pics before the big move tomorrow. This is my chance to show off the house without all of our junk treasures cluttering the photos.

A Double Car Garage
one of our musts
 There are three windows in the top floor, if you can't remember, take a look
Bedroom, Bathroom, Bedroom
(I like to call it the Bathroom Sandwich)

Henry calls this the 'wine cellar',
I like to call this 'the creepy stairs to nowhere'
 Remember the laundry chutes?
Here is the destination, a laundry bin the size of Lake Superior
 Oh my gosh! What happened to our washer and dryer?
That's right, the house didn't come with them.
Stay tuned for my tutorial on buying a washer and dryer...
 The very last visit to the house before it was officially ours we found this little present.
A Brand New Dehumidifier.
We don't know who left it, but we sure do appreciate it.
Grand Finale
Stella's very own backyard

The next time you hear from me we will be official residents of our new house.

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