It's official, we are living in chaos...

and we have a new address.

Henry and I arrived home late Tuesday from our Oregon Vacation and spent every waking minute (that we weren't at our "real" jobs) packing and moving, now we are busy unpacking and arranging.

You might have expected to see pictures of Henry, my mom and sister, my friend and two college fellas laughing and enjoying the day moving. Not the case, we were all exhausted and there was not an ounce of energy left in me to pop around snapping photos. I am not even going to show you photos of our crap scattered around the house.

Here is a list of accomplishments:
1. I organized my closet
2. Henry organized his closet...kind of :)
3. Henry set up our new washer and dryer
4. I set up our new microwave, you know, someone had to plug it in
5. Stella manages to find her food and water bowl, move after move
6. I cleaned the bathrooms
7. Henry figured out how to use the gas fireplace
8. The cable guy came this morning...AMEN!
9. We happily shared our first night with my mom and sister
10. I organized some of the kitchen, and snapped a few photos...

 it may appear that we eat a lot of oatmeal...
think again, one is rolled, the other instant

 our new microwave, my favorite way to cook, everything!

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  1. oh wow nik, pics 1 and 2 are uh-mazing!!! omg, my cup of tea...good work friend! can't wait to comee see it all!!!