a sunnier sun room

First order of business...Anyone notice my new blog header? Anyone? My friend Tracy made it for me and I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!

Progress is being made, this weekend, I put together our sun room. No purchases were made to make this happen, I just scrounged up all the things seen below from my decoration stock...

I made all of these pillows seen in the photos below.
The guts are garage sale pillows!
 Pillow forms can be pricey, but people put their old throw pillows in the "free box."
I scored the metal table (spray painted orange:) for a quarter, I repeat a quarter, twenty five cents!

I slapped some paint on an old piano bench, how charming!
I am dying for Stella to get comfy on the big floor pillow. I just lurk around with my camera waiting to capture the moment.
Easy storage, with room to grow.
A cute basket for our hats and mittens, some greens, Stella's food and of course more pillows!
The art work is the homemade program I made for our wedding. I just slapped some chalk board paint on a piece of wood and got busy laying out the events of the ceremony.
Cord tip, wrap it up and bind it with a pretty bow! No cord chaos allowed in the Lovely Residence.
I will get to that outlet later, yikes.
Oh, the places we have gone...Henry and I mark our travel destinations on this map.
The chair, I love the chair! I local shop was going out of bizz and I took this chair of their hands.

If only all of our rooms could magically be this sunny!

P.S. Tune in tomorrow for my first blog give away:) How exciting!


  1. soooo cozy and sweet! i love looking at all the pieces and remembering where they were tucked in your little place. what room you have now!!!

  2. p.s. still kind of mad you didn't move next door to me. what craft/bake nights we would have.

  3. What a room, love it! You are a great little decorator my friend, I didn't know the extent of your talents (crafty, cost efficient, and cute)

  4. I'm just now discovering this awesome blog. You will come and do my girl's room when we move right?