Picture our Progress

Although we have not ripped out any carpet or stirred up any paint...yet, progress is slowly being made. This weekend we tackled putting some of our art work on the walls. Nothing helps a place feel cozier than familiar decor. Plus, how I have missed my treasures.

Sunday Morning Blues
Henry and I bought this together in Memphis and I love it!
 We replaced the kitchen light with an Antique Store treasure below.
(The photo sucks because I was always trying to avoid the fixture in my shots, if it's your style, let me know and I will get it to you. Otherwise, you can find this beauty at the GW)
I think this is the perfect light for any kitchen!
The print is another piece of art we got in Memphis, signed by the artist. 
A wedding gift from my dad. This clock is perfect for our new living room.
"Welcome Home, Treasures"
Side Note:
Two gals I work with bought me these festive little creatures.
Can you believe they didn't plan it and it was a surprise to all of us?
Is my taste that transparent?
tweet tweet
 I plan to paint the back of these shelves for a pop of color, in time:)
Lastly, Henry's corner of the house, his office
I scored this map case while visiting a junk shop with my mom.
 It has 7 pull down, very fragile maps of the world.
'Twas a Steal! 
Wall size map of Lake Superior.
For gigantic size idea, this is the only wall in the house, without obstacles that this map would fit.
I bought it from my workplace, let me know if you want one.
 If you ever need your coordinates, call Henry!

See, I am not just sitting around watching Home Alone and Christmas with the Krank's, things are getting done and we are feeling more at home with every bit of progress.


  1. i love the niches! so very nikki :)

  2. The Memphis paintings are beautiful. I look forward to seeing them up close!