Shelf Life 11/7/2010

It's happening, time is passing and we are hoping to be out of our condo by the end of the month. No more sitting around wishing all of our things would pack themselves in boxes, wishing we could afford professional movers, or wishing we were the Obama's and we could go away for the night and all of our stuff would magically be moved into the White our new house.

Considering we use every square inch of our condo a safe place to start packing was the shelves where we keep all of our super necessary treasures:)

 I scored 2 small pieces of hanging art at a garage sale for .25...
The Lovely Family Silhouettes
Oregon State Cow and Dried Lavender I hauled home from my friend Cori's wedding...in Oregon. Certainly, the most fragrant Delta Flight in history...
Blender Light...I needed it!
 Insects for .50 each, I real steal...
Our niece, Sweet Caraline...
H is for Henry, N is for Nikki, get it?
Wah wah...
one corner down...

All of our my treasures are ready to roll. They are so excited to be making the move, we talked about it.


  1. I am not sure if I should be more scared by the fact you are talking to inanimate objects or if you are going to blog about every shelf you pack. :)

  2. rave on, crazy woman! I love it =)

  3. Jim, Weren't those the cutest shelves you have ever seen?

  4. i am going to miss that sweet little pad. such a view! can't wait to visit the white house to see what is in store. omg, such fun.