2 views, 1 room

Dear Patrick and Sarah,

I have been giving some thought to your cabin's living room arrangement. I understand you want to take advantage of the spectacular lake view and the cozy fireplace on the opposite wall. Who could blame you?

Here are a few furniture ideas...

 This couch is perfect for snuggling, but won't block the view...
 Sleek modern and your mom can chose the best pieces

 Umm, you should know this chair swivels
cozy fire...lake...cozy fire...lake
My virtual room design skills are infantile, but I think you will get the point...

Can you picture it? I hope this helps get your creative juices flowing. We always enjoy your company and look forward to our next visit to Sturgeon Lake.

Our Best,
The Lovely's


  1. you need the stripe chair. for sures.

  2. Dear Lovleys,

    How lovely! Sarah and I love your suggestions and just can't believe we get to be the subject of the Lovely Residence! We will send your suggestions on to the parents and, hopefully, your design suggestions will be quickly implemented. We will, of course, call you in as a consultant ... for a very large fee. Which Sarah will pay. :)

    Patrick & Sarah

  3. I think the chair shape is "lovely" but I think the couch picks are too modern for a cabin. I am thinking more squishy and comfy then sleek and modern. I look formard to your blog everyday so keep them coming.

    Sister to the Lovely's