2nd Street Interior No 2/3

Today I am taking you on the second level tour...

I love the look of the stairs. Although, I am not crazy about the carpet.
Here's the deal, I think a few broken ankles might be worth the bare stair look?!

 Master Bedroom
our new view...our old view, this will have to do.
Craft Room
Trust me, I am standing in a room, however this sink is the only picture I snapped in the whole room.
It's located inside the closet. I am going to use it to wash glue off my fingers, but it was intended for the maids to wash up before they left their living quarters. I wish we could have a maid, sigh.
Henry's Office
Guest Room
The door leads to a porch (currently unfinished but on our must do list)
Only the best for our guests...
Remember the bathroom vanity I was talking about painting?
I know, I know it's perfectly good cherry wood, maybe it's the gold knobs.
JACUZZI TUB, what up!
What good is a jacuzzi tub without heated floors in the bathroom!
The last few 2nd floor highlights...

1. Laundry Chute
2. Vent into my closet to air out all my furs
3. A special little shelf for one of my treasures
 Built in cabinet outside the bathroom.
Linens and Towels and Lotions, Oh My!

 I saved the best for last
our new house is full of glass doorknobs galore, we are so lucky!

See you in the basement!


  1. Oh ya, kill the carpet on the stairs. I think it's more of a hazard with than without...although you can't do the home alone sled down the stairs very well without it. :)

    Leave the wood, get rid of the knobs and redo the brass fixtures...I never thought the brass looked good and I have yet to find one that lasts. Silver is cleaner and easier to clean in my personal opinion.

    I'll be right over to occupy that guest room, keep the honey-do list going and Henry and I will knock it off as quick as a cricket.

  2. looove the glass knobs and totally agree that you need to paint the cabinet in the bathroom...the shine in the cherry just isn't you :)

  3. Beautiful. And I'm jealous. That is all I can say.