Life in the Closet

Henry casually mentioned to me that he was going to work on organizing his closet. I perked up with excitement and begged him to let me help. A little taste of how it went down... "Please! Can I help? Please! It's my thing. You would want to help me if I was going to do Economics."

So, I grabbed my camera and we got started...

Henry insists only a fraction of these clothes needed a tumble in the washer...
Believe it!
wait, is that a shelf under there?

Can you even stand it? All this time, poor Henry, felt like he had to keep his books in his closet, as though they did not deserve the same real estate as the rest of our books.

Other notable finds:
Questionably clean and folded bath towels (we do have a place for towels as well)
A banjo
3 backpacks
2 guns
3 gun cases
3 boxes full of nostalgic treasures

After we put non-closet residents in their proper homes and sent three shirts and one pair of shoes to the give away pile things started shaping up.

Holy shit, "hello floor!"

Today Henry's life is a little easier.


  1. Great post... you really did a fantastic job. My life is truly easier!

  2. Ahem, want to visit me in Santa Monica? I could use your services... :)