Renter Needed

Although the excitement of buying our very own house with our very own yard has not worn off, finding a renter for our cozy little condo would be the icing on the cake, and I love the icing best.

I posted an add on craigslist and plastered posters in the school of medicine and the pharmacy school...

Today, I have received two email inquiries, yay! I am trying to master the art of not sounding desperate or overwhelming our prospective renters.

Prospective Renter's Email:

I am interested in seeing this condo. Please let me know when you are available for a showing.


My Email Response:

Hello Elisabeth, Thanks for your email. Lovely day isn't it? I know you will just love the place. Let me know when you are available and I would be happy to take off of work and meet you at the condo. Would you like me to pick up lunch on the way? I know I asked for 900.00 but you can offer me less if you want.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Your New Landlord


  1. My fav part: "Lovely day isn't it?" Intentional pun or no?

  2. Why yes, I try to write with intention. Thanks for the shout out!