what's on your cupboards?

While on the hunt for the new Lovely house, I paid close attention to the kitchen cupboards. My concern was not the color or the style but the height. All the way to the top please! I just prefer the ceiling and cupboards are close friends.

Remember the cupboards in the new house...

Yay, all snuggled up!

There is nothing I love more than the extra perks that come with the house. However, considering I have had time to adapt to our current cupboard/ceiling relationship...

(This picture was taken during move in, over 4 years ago, 
I would never leave my counters in this kind of disarray.)

Where on Earth will I put all of my treasures that hang out on top of the cupboards...

Henry doesn't quite understand why I get peeved when he uses my collection of cheese graters to, well umm grate cheese...

Why wouldn't I need all 3 Martha Stewart Cake Stands?...

(I am super embarrassed about the off center cake stand.
 Please don't judge me!)

As I pack up my cupboard clutter treasures I am trying to cope with the idea that there may not be as special of a place for them in our new home.

What 's on your cupboards?


  1. the cupboard space in our rental home is AMAZING!!! I'll for sure look for at least what we have now or more when we move. (I can actually say I have not been able to FILL the cupboards and closets!!)

  2. On my cupboards? The exact same MS cakestands, thank you very much!