Painting Party

What I love about decorating is that everyone has different taste. Even if your taste isn't my taste, I respect your taste. In general decorating a space is a relatively small commitment...unless you spend a bundle or paint the wood. Dun dun dun!

You heard it here..."I love painting wood." I know that some of you are cringing, but I don't care. If I don't like it, I will paint the shit out of it.

I showed a student of mine, Ben, pics of our new house and told him I was planning on painting the kitchen cabinets. Ben is 21 and a dude, and he said "What? You can't paint wood, even I know that." Seriously! I mentor them in their student development and am now forced to teach them how to jazz up their ugly ass hand me down furniture.

Sneak Peak: The House's Kitchen Cabinets

There are people willing to paint a lot of things...

Their bodies..in public
 Their toenails 
 Their cars
 Even their pets

Heaven forbid they give a coat of paint to their 1980's wood nightstand.

I found this treasure at a garage sale...already painted...my lucky day!
Our Chalkboard Painted Pantry Door...
oh, with a list Henry made for himself. Isn't he sweet?

Anyone fishing your paint brush out of the junk drawer? Anyone?


  1. I generally agree with your student. Painted wood sometimes makes me sad. But first of all, I hate light wood. Those cabinets looks like pink stained wood with gold hardware. Ug. Second, I love love love your decorating taste, Nikki. I have no doubt that your kitchen is going to be darling! Let me know if you need another member on your painting crew!

  2. Don't paint the cabinets. Maybe a stain, but don't paint. The only way I will let you paint those is if you spray them with an oil based enamel. Brush strokes and drips are forever.

  3. Don't worry, I am not going to paint them...Henry is:)