Big News...The Lovely's are kind of a big deal. Check out today's Duluth News Tribune.


 Nikki Olson and Henry Eichman walk on North Lake Avenue in Duluth on the way to their bank on Friday afternoon. Edina Realty has added walkability scores to it listings, and the couple’s condominium at Lake Avenue and Fourth Street has a score of 88 out of 100. It is in an area where restaurants, parks, shopping, concerts and events can be easily reached by walking. (Clint Austin / caustin@duluthnews.com)

Of course, when I was asked by the DNT to talk about our experience living downtown I said "yes." You can imagine how reserved I was about being photographed for the paper. So cool, calm and collected I laid out my cutest winter wares the night before!

Unfortunately, it won't be quite as convenient to pop downtown from our new pad. We have appreciated and taken advantage of being in the heart of Duluth.

Clint, DNT Photographer
Unfortunately, Clint wasn't willing to spend the whole evening with us, so I finished photographing the rest of the walk myself.

"For us it's the ideal location"...just in the nick of time! Our new house's score...31

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  1. I am not sure being in the company of the Rev Billy Graham is good for your west coast likability score!