Congratulations Prince William and Kate!

Although I am happy for them, I am starting to feel a little jealous about all the attention the Royal Couple is receiving, so I thought I would size them up, and as it turns out we are pretty similar...

10. William's brother's name is Henry, I am married to Henry (both red heads:)
9. Kate is marrying into the Royal Family, I married into a Royal Family (that's what I have been told)
8. William and Kate went to college, Henry and I went to college
7. Kate's last name ends with an 'on', my last name ends with...ooh an 'ly'
6. William works for the Government, Henry works for the Government
5. Kate doesn't work, I don't like to work
4. William's mom was a Princess, Henry's mom is a Princess
3. William and Kate are in People magazine, I read people magazine
2. Kate is private and reserved, I am Henry is private and reserved
1. Kate and I wear the exact same engagement ring...both family jewels, same size, same stones and worth the exact same amount, see below

Good luck figuring out who's who...

A little about our rings: 18 carat sapphire surrounded by diamonds which had a worth of about $65,000 in US back in the 1980′s. Now, the price is priceless and would likely command MILLIONS at an auction simply because it was Princess Diana’s Henry's Grandmother Rosemary's.

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  1. Hi! It's Sarah :)

    The second I saw the first Kate/William announcement, I literally screamed as I couldn't believe she stole YOUR ring!!! You have such great taste! I am so thrilled you noticed this as well.