Pottery Barn Please!

WARNING: viewer discretion is advised, this blog is full of 'love' and eye candy

Henry, Stella and I were away for two nights this weekend and when we returned to our cozy little condo we found a dozen catalogs spilling out of our mailbox. Can you imagine, so comical.

11 of them can take a hike,
 and one of them made me flutter with excitement... 
 I love Pottery Barn (not so much the prices),
 but the style and ideas make me beam with happiness.
 A few honorable mentions:

I love their big chunky tables!
 I love this chair and ever more than that I love ticking stripe
 Is that painted wood I see? LOVE IT!
I debated painting our new bathroom vanity, sold.
 I love light fixtures, sparkly, fancy and unique light fixtures.
I think they make a space.
Did they take a photo of our new house? I wish!
love love love!

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