Bare Wall Syndrome

Did I mention I hate moving? The chaos, the dust balls and all the holes in the walls drive me crazy!

I scurried around our little place with a drill and plucked all of our decor off the walls...

Considering I am not afraid to hang anything on the wall...some of our holes look like this...

All these super duty screws were holding up one thing or another in the Lovely Residence.

Our walls looked like we were caught in a crossfire.

Considering Henry is out of town this week for work he wanted to fill the holes before he left so he could paint when he gets back. Ahhh, that's love...I thought it was the best idea on the planet!

This is how you spackle after the sun goes down...

We spent the rest of the night patting ourselves on the back. The goal is to leave our place in the best condition possible for our new tenants. I don't want them thinking they can just sit around nailing holes in our walls!

1 comment:

  1. Nice work on patching those holes. This is a far cry above the sloppy job of filling the holes with toothpaste as Tyler and I did when we were vacating our room in Slocum Hall.