a lovely point of view

As we prepare to leave the place we have called home for the past 4 years, I am starting to get a little sulky and nostalgic over the comforts of our cozy little condo...

our current view & backdrop to every day life...


our very own real life snow globe

Disclaimer: I am not complaining and I do not regret our decision to move. I simply want you to be prepared to read about all the things I appreciate and will miss about our current residence (imagine me sighing and sounding kind of pathetic). I hope our new tenants know how lucky they are...wait, I might of already told them.


  1. It is a great view! Can't believe you found a renter so fast..when do you close on the new place?

  2. We hope to close be the end of November. Our condo is in total chaos right now.