Closing Day!

First stop Title Shop.

After we signed the wheelbarrow full of documents and became proud owners of our new house, we stopped home to get Stella to show her our new residence! 

 She loved the house 
(but hates the camera so Henry captured her to capture a moment)
 We I also grabbed some of our most worldly possessions...
 a vase full of pinwheels and our family portrait
 Our realtor gave us this wreath, ahhh
Watch out Pottery Barn!

I am thankful for Henry, Stella and all the love and support from our family and friends. 
Happy Thanksgiving

Next stop Oregon.


  1. True confession: this is the first blog I've followed--EVER. I can't really count the Julie/Julia blog, even if I did watch the movie four times. (And when she was first interviewed on NPR I did look at her blog but never kept up with it.) So, Nikki, you have the honor of being the first object of my blog-affection. (And many other affections, too.)
    But enough about me. Almost. Tom and I love your blog! We love your photos and the written account of what really goes on in that head of yours! :-) We love your new house! We love your condo! We love Henry! We love Stella! We love your wreath--Pottery Barn's got nothin' on the gal who makes those wreaths exclusively for Edina Realty agents each November! We love your very clever, shrewd and astute Realtor! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) And, of course, we love you, too, Nikki. You're the best. Can't wait to see what a blog is over the long-term. Keep up the fun and let us know if we can help carry boxes.