Voodoo Donuts, I mean Oregon Vacation

I am back!

Henry and I spent the Thanksgiving Holiday in Oregon. We spent quality time with his family and some of our best pals. We got all caught up, relaxed a lot, did the whole over eating thing (for 5 days), and did a few other things...

 wine tasting
 Powell's Books
 biggest independent book store west of the Mississippi (it is really big)
One book was bought but boxes of books were sold, either Powell's got them or our new house...

Off to Powell's
Henry is holding our money maker, The Complete Angler, 37.50 right in our pockets!
Let's get down to business...
We went to Voodoo Donuts
As some of you know my heart flutters for donuts. Long Johns and Bismarks are my number one, but I have never met a bad donut.
our wedding dessert
 So when I read this article I knew it was a place that I needed to visit. Our first attempt was a bust when we drove up in pouring rain and laid our eyes on the line of people winding around the block, there was no chance I was peeling myself out of the warm, dry car. Can a donut really be that good? I wanted to find out, so we went back on the way to the airport, still raining, but no line.

If we hadn't just wrapped up the Thanksgiving gorge I probably would have bought a box full...

I plastered myself against the revolving glass display case,
(secretly trying to figure out how to stick my tongue inside) 

do you see the maple bar with bacon topping?
 my pick, mmmm!

Sweet Dreams! 

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