Going once Going twice...

Sold to Nikki and Henry!

We are expecting a house full of company in a few weekends for Grandma's Marathon hoopla. We have a couple of single bed frames, but no mattress sets and we certainly were not interested in spending the loot on two single mattress sets right now. Until...we drove by a furniture store at 11:45AM and couldn't miss the big sign in the window: LAST DAY OF AUCTION STARTING AT NOON!

Could it be? The best day of my life!

We scoped out the goods and took our seat among the other anxious auction goers. I had never been to a real auction so I was beyond excited and a little nervous about my arm twitch:) Henry was on to me pretty quick and took the control of the number. Smart move! Remember 4 sentences ago when I said we weren't interested in spending the loot right now? Well, the deals were killer and we couldn't afford not to buy a few things that we really wanted.

I had been looking for some night stands, but was practicing patience until I found some that I loved...
I thought this was the perfect set, but thought we should wait to see where the price ended up.
Notice the original price of 359.00 each, or 718.00 for the pair. Ready? "Sold for 60.00 each to the over excited lady in the front!" That's me.
A new leather chair. Sure we weren't looking for a chair or interested in purchasing until the bidding started. Henry really wanted our old leather chair in his office...
so we discussed the potential of this chair as a good option for our living room. When the price stopped at 125.00 we raised our number. "Sold!" Notice the perfect match to our leather ottoman that I have owned for 10 years!
If you put your face really close to the screen you can see the original price of 659.00. Score!
Lastly, what we came for...the twin mattress sets. 120.00 a set anyone? "Sold to the couple who showed up in a tiny Honda Civic!"

"We'll take two!"

So fun!

Original Price Tags
Night Stands: 718.00
Leather Chair: 659.00
Mattress Sets: 700.00/ 2 Sets
Total: 2077.00

Our Price
Night Stands: 120.00
Leather Chair: 125.00
Mattress Sets: 240.00
Total: 485.00

So fun!


  1. That's impressive and oh so awesome! How did you get it all home?

  2. Megan, We also own a Honda CRV, like a Ford Escape, a small SUV...we took 3 trips and drove around with the back wide open. It was worth it:)

  3. I love the white nightstands. Great job!

  4. Yeah, I'm with Megs, how did you get it home? That needs to be part of this post. HAD to be adventure.