Master Bedroom Plans

Since HGTV doesn't seem to be interested in making over our master bedroom and wiggling my nose doesn't seem to be working, I decided to take matters in my own hands. I am formulating a plan.

The initial stages of the plan include paint, a stencil, curtains, a road side dresser, a new light fixture, pillows, accessories, a headboard and a bassinet. Oh, and patience, lots of patience!

 My inspiration...
I love this fabric. Nothing fancy, just a genuine attraction. 

The Old Nikki would have jumped right in and bought things without thinking things through. The new Nikki makes a plan to save money and energy...not always, but in this case, good for me:) I am looking forward to sharing our progress (psst, notice how my email went from "me" to "we" when referring to progress? Thank goodness for Henry!) I'll be in touch!

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