Homemade Chair Mat

I neglected to mention that Henry's new office is carpeted, the old office was not. Is the writing on the wall floor? How on earth would Henry manage to wheel around his new digs with ease?

Oh, alright, I'll find the solution...
A Homemade Chair Mat,
made especially for the Economist in the family!
We purchased a piece of Underlayment for 6.00 at  Home Depot

Henry stained the board with stain we already owned
Considering Fumes and Baby don't mix, 
 Henry and the paint brush have become quite close over the last 8 months
I used acrylic paints, foam brushes and stencils- all things I owned,
if you need to purchase these things, it will run you around 4 bucks
 After stenciling and drying, 
I hauled the board outside for a coat of Clear Spray Paint to set the Acrylic Paint

Now when Henry goes upstairs to work and I am trying to sleep- just a little longer...I hear woosh woosh. Poor me!


  1. This is wonderfully nerdy, I love it!

  2. just love it!! i have to keep this in mind.. well done..


  3. Just curious...how strong is it? I am 6'7 and around 250lbs. Just wondering if it could support my weight without cracking. Any ideas?

  4. Hello, not of this world,
    I don't have an exact idea of the boards strength, but I can't imagine it would be a problem. It is quite flat and your weight would be dispersed over the majority of the board.

  5. Thank you for the brilliant idea! I'm truing to find a solution for under my dining table since the floor is carpeted and I have 2 toddlers!!!

  6. So doing this! Say hello to Mr. Henry from Deb (Triest) Hartman! Your family is beautiful!!! Hope to meet you some day Nikki!