Our Yard

Considering we moved into our house in December...
This is all we knew of our new yard, brown and sparse. Now that summer has arrived in Duluth (kind of, if you live here you know what I am talking about), we are pleased to see the colors and blossoming plants that have been appearing over the past few months.
The back of the house...

Get ready for the beautiful rhododendron belly shot. I have been writing about being pregnant for the past 8 months and thought you should know I haven't been kiddin' around.
3 more weeks 'til our little crafter arrives...

P.S.Henry ambitiously started a project in the front yard this weekend. Stay tuned for our  Henry's first landscaping project.

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  1. Yay! Look at that belly, I love it. I can't wait for the big news when we get to welcome little Lovely!! Oh yeah, the yard is beautiful too.