Lucky in Love!

In order to celebrate our good friend's, Heather and Tyler, Engagement a bunch of us gathered to share our sentiments of how lucky we think they are to have found each other.
Typical good luck charms come in the form of a Rabbit's Foot, Horse Shoes or Four Leaf Clovers. At our party we celebrated with Rainbow Layer Cake and Pot of Gold Wishes!
Why yes, you can have a piece of cake, as long as you let Heather and Tyler know how to stay Lucky in Love!

Whipping up a cake for the luckiest couples in your life is simple. Simple does not mean quick...
2 boxes of cake and 3 tubs of frosting (I used every bit of these two tubs plus some extras that I had in the fridge). You did not read that wrong, you need 3 tubs of frosting:)
I own two round cake pans, so I baked the colors of the rainbow in shifts. I mixed both boxes of cake better in a big bowl and then put 2 1/2 cups of batter in each pan, where I added and mixed in the food coloring.
 Bake, bake, bake, bake, bake, bake as directed...
For those of you who don't know the color order of the Rainbow (Henry pay attention here:) ROYGBV! 
Layer, Frost, Layer, Frost, Layer, Frost, Layer, Frost, Layer, Frost, Layer Frost. What you see below is called dirty icing because of all the crumbs. Stick this stack of luck in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
 Now add the pretty layer of frosting...now you see, 3 tubs of frosting! 
 Rainbow Chips Please!
I printed Pot's of Gold from WordArt on the computer and set out pens to express to the happy couple how to stay Lucky in Love!

You don't have to be a Leprechaun to indulge in this rainbow!
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