Welcome Baby Tui

My friend, Gina, welcomed, her bundle of joy, Tui into the world on Sunday. I thought it only appropriate that Auntie Nikki whipped up a blue craft for the joyous occasion.

Due to the 35 MPH winds and rainy summer days I hung the blue pom-poms inside the window.

Here is how to make your own tissue paper pom-pom:

First, stack a pile of same sized tissue paper in a pile, about 8 pieces would do...
Second, fold the tissue back and forth, back and forth like an accordion...
Third, when you have about a 1.5-2 inch stacked accordion, wrap a twist tie or wire around the middle (tip: do not scrunch up the paper with the twist tie, just make it secure around the stack)  
 Fourth, fan out each side
 Fifth, peel down each piece of tissue paper
 Lastly, manipulate the paper to look like a big blossoming flower.
That's it, the classic 1st grade craft reborn!

If a blue tissue paper pom-pom doesn't scream "It's a boy!" I don't know what does!
 Welcome Baby Tui!

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