Such a Hoot!

I am sticking with the theme of my GIVEAWAY (hint hint). Winner will be chosen Friday AM.

Last night after work I whipped up some Happy Birthday to Janette cupcakes!

She loves birds... Aren't these a hoot?
Supply List: Cupcakes, White Frosting, Keebler Grasshopper Cookies, M &Ms, Coconut, Mini Chocolate Chips, Food Coloring, Gummy Lifesavers
Frost the cakes with some pretty colors (I had some extra cupcakes from my Desert Dessert, one box of cake makes 24.) I just knew there would be a cupcake occasion in my future.
Dye some coconut flakes the same color and sprinkle on the feathers.
Cut the cookies in half for the wings and little triangles for the ears with a serrated knife. You could also use chocolate wafers, tops of Oreos, Girl Scout Cookies, etc. etc. they are all tasty!
Add the wings. Use extra frosting for glue if needed.
Add the gummy lifesaver eyes and chocolate M&M pupils.
 Add the orange 1/2 M&M beak and mini chocolate chip tummy spots and you have yourself an owl!
What Happens if an Owl doesn't Shower?
It Smells Fowl!!

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