You are all Grate!

Although, I think you are all Grate! The winner of the Grate Cupcakes Giveaway has been chosen...
Con-Grate-ulations Gina! It's true what she said (however not related to random.org's pick), at 8.5 months pregnant, Gina got out of the car in the pouring rain to measure a roadside dresser that we were both interested in. All the while I shouted encouragement out a cracked open window. As it turns out, the dresser is now in my garage waiting for a makeover! Yay for me!

Here is hoping she has time to whip up these little BBQ treats before the baby arrives! 

Speaking of babies and sweet girlfriends...Some of my best gals threw a lovely and creative baby shower for me a few weeks ago and I have been dying to share the creativity that surrounds me.

Baby Lovely Banner: So cute that Henry asked if they purchased it...he really has an eye for quality crafting!
 Remember puffy paint? It's back and bad ass...
 One of my girlfriends screen printed this for us...can you stand it?
It is a design created for Henry and I that we used as our wedding theme, also notice it on my blog page...

For more shower photos check out Amanda's Blog, so sweet! 6 weeks left before I need to find a baby sized spray painting air respirator mask.

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