Closet Screen Door

Months ago I took a trip to the Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis. I brought home a couple of treasures, including this gal...
and an old screen door that I had to have. (I say that about everything I want and think that there is probably a better way I could be spending my money.) So, I bought it and it's been hanging out in the corner of our bedroom for months.
With a little help from my best fella, the screen door has found a new and functional home...
Do you love it? I love it! Henry showed reservation about the work that needed to be done to make it happen. The bottom of the screen door was rotten, and it was too wide and too tall for the space. The details bog me down. I said "PALEASSSSSE" in desperation and then raved about his amazing handy abilities...
 Handy indeed.

He truly is the ying to my yang.
The mirrored door is certainly a beauty, so we would like to find a new home for it in another room. I assure you, Henry agrees.

P.S. Check out Oscar's 26th week photo. He is 1/2 a year old. Unbelievable! 

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  1. nikki, i am obsessed! it is scrumptious! can we plan it so i go to this bonanza with you next year? let me know, i will make the voyage home, FOR SURE!!!

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  3. Ooh this is so fun, I love this and your door headboard!! You are so creative and your bedroom looks AMAZING!!

  4. Looks awesome! I would have never thought of it. Love your curtains!

  5. It looks so fun! Love your striped curtains too!

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