Peace Out, Bean Sprout

Another Pinterest idea. How did I ever survive without that clever clever website?? It's like my oxygen.

I saw a sign a teacher made for her classroom with various ways to say good bye. I can't seem to find it online, but here is my version.

I bought this frame at GW for 10 bills. 
I typed up a word document with all the sayings and colored them in an ombre effect (light gray to black) and threw a border around the words.
The frame was odd measurements of 18"x25", but nothing the UPS Store couldn't handle. They put the measurements in their computer and pressed print. 
Total cost of the print was 4.00. I stole most of the sayings off of said teacher's poster, but I made up two of my own. Can you guess which ones?
"Take a Hike, Northern Pike!" and "Peace Out, Bean Sprout!" Maybe not elementary school worthy, but nothing we are afraid to say in the Lovely Household.
 Thrifty. Simple. Straightforward. 

Gotta Go, Buffalo!


  1. ah man, i love saying, 'see you soon, raccoon' to logan...i wish i didn't fear pinterest...i wish you could walk me through it. zac would die if i crashed/lost all files on our computer again. someday, walk me through it! xoxo.

  2. I really enjoy this site, full of great frugal ideas and things that make me smile.

    Gotta Go Buffalo :)