Stenciled Door Headboard

I have been dying to make a headboard for our bed and I have been dying to join the stenciling craze. Since I am a rebel I combined my current 2 obsessions and am now dying over my new headboard.
I pondered over my stencil choice for a ridiculously long time. I finally settled on the craft size Nagoya Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. It arrived in a timely manner and although I wanted to race down the stairs and sequester myself in the basement to stencil my heart out, I did something out of character...I watched the 'How To' video. I know, pull your jaws off the ground, I surprised myself. Off to the basement.
The door was in our ridiculously small back hallway when we moved in; mice in a cardboard maze small. So off came the door and into the basement, where it's been collecting dust. 
Remember those Home Depot .50 samples I told you about? I'll take a couple of those in Delicious Plum.
 I started in the middle of the door and leveled my stencil (just like the video said.)
The video also said, the paint dries really fast so keep moving. See those peeling painted diamonds near the middle of my pattern? The video lied. I laid my stencil over the top and that's what happened. There is a small chance that the smudges are due to a lack of common sense-but, I blame the stencil people. Stenciling definitely got easier with practice. I went back and forth from door end to door end so the paint was sure to dry. After I finished stenciling the outside of the panels, I blue taped the edges of the frames and stenciled the inside panels.
Henry added the molding that I had painted to match and we just full on screwed the whole set up into the wall. No messing around. Bravo Henry! Bravo!
Yep, that's a cardboard moose head I ordered with some birthday money back in November. I had a vision.
In the beginning...
 Where we went...
Where we've arrived...
I spray painted the whole door headboard with clear spray paint, which gave the door headboard a glossy finish and also protects the painted diamonds. I also painted the lock hardware oil rubbed bronze and reattached it after the door was 110% dry. I also learned that I should not spray paint in mass amounts...in the basement...in the winter. So at the expense of the fam's health, I sure do love our new headboard.

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  1. I think this is in my top five favorite projects of yours. Love the pattern and the color. The molding finishes it off beautifully. Seriously adorable.

  2. Super cool, how come when we were little you didn't make our lemonade stands a little more flashy? :)

  3. thanks for posting this. I'm going to use a Martha Stewart stencil to paint the inside of my closet. It will be my first time..thanks for the tips!

  4. Wow! What a difference. I want to play with some stencils, soon too!

  5. that looks amazing and that is really so neat! i love that stencil-i haven't been brave it enough to actually stencil anything, but maybe one day!