TV Nest

I have a stack of old throw pillows that I gather from garage sales and friends that are going to drop them off at thrift stores. So, when I want to create a pile of pillows I buy the fabric and sew up an envelope pillow cover. Always a penny saver in comparison to purchasing a cover or a whole pillow.

My vision for our family nest was cozy and cuddly...

Considering Duluth only has one mediocre fabric shop, my options for cozy and cuddly were limited and pricey. The solution- I bought clearance blankets from TJ Maxx. I got 2 yards of double layered plush fabric for 14.00 each.
Who wants to snuggle?
Double layered blanket tip...fold the pillow in the blanket like an envelope and sew two sides. Stick your pillow and done! I got crazy with the scissors and pinned all four sides on some covers- the layers shifted all over the place and there are some weird puckers and wonky corners going on. And so it goes...

Imagine me snuggled up here saying..."HEnryyy, Oscar needs to know who the Real Housewives are. I am teaching him about pop culture. Quit hovering!"
Our house is always beaming with love;)

PS Oscar's 29th week of life photo is posted!

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