I have written several posts about thrifty artwork. The Internet is AMAZING! Kind of makes me sound like an old lady who just got her hands on the world wide web for the first time. But seriously, so amazing.

I rounded up some free art work that I love and the best part...it's free for everybody! This is like a giveaway and everyone wins. So, Congratulations!

Fantastic Kitchen Art from Over the Big Moon

Hello free poster for my crap craft room!

I find farm animals adorable. I especially love cows!? Mooo.
Check these out! Vintage Alphabet Flash Cards. I downloaded the whole alphabet, but thought I would share a couple of my faves:) I am for sure going to print sets of these for all of Oscar's buddies! Thank you to The Handmade Home, who also has other fab freebies available. 

Thirty Handmade Days has fabric, yarn, glue stick, ruffles, etc. etc. that could help you rule the world. 
So cute!

All of the images you see here can also be found and downloaded from Everything Etsy Blog, who really did the "free art download" round up. Plus more, many many more.

Please share if you find something you love and print...or just love. 

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