Mastering the Finished Product

I am not sure I will ever master the art of a finished room. There is something magical about looking at other blogger's big room reveals and wishing I could live in their bedrooms without dirty clothes piled in the corners, dust balls under the furniture and spit up on our sheets. If ever there will be finished product this is it, with a few tweaks, I am happy to say our bedroom is pretty darn cute. (scroll all the way to the bottom for a reminder of the before photo)

I changed the faux roman blinds to clean white. Amazing how a little change, from the darker nursing home version as Henry called them, brightens up the room. It also took a little time to land on the big striped curtains and of course, gotta love the dresser I found on the side of the road.
There are only about 7 days a year that we would really benefit from a ceiling fan. But we will benefit 365 days a year with this pendant light.

The headboard project! Love it every time I see it.
One of my favorite things in the whole room are the photo copied pics of the kiddos.
 I don't have one regret about replacing the mirrored closet door with this chicy vintage screen door.
I received this map as a gift about 8 years ago. I pulled out my pins and Henry and I now share this map to record all of our adventures. The plaque says "World Travels of Nikki & Henry. We haven't been everywhere, but it's on our list.

Short Accessory Stories:
Pillows: I bought one ruffled pillow cover from GroopDealz for 12.00. Quite a deal. Then I decided I wanted a 2nd. I contacted the seller and she told me they were sold out. But WAIT, she had some imperfect covers that she was willing to sell for 8.00. "I'll take it." The maker is her worst critic, I think it's perfect!
Bucket o' Lavendar: I hauled this home from a friend's wedding in Oregon about 5 years ago and still gingerly haul it around everywhere.
Moose Head: I bought this with some Bday money at the The W Store online, with a coupon of course. I waited and waited and waited for it to arrive, with daily phone calls to Oscar's babysitter to see if it was sitting on our front stoop. Finally, I called and they forgot to send it. You ready for this??? They sent it rushed order, reimbursed me for shipping and 10.00 for my patience!! I'll take the 10.00 bucks, but what patience??
Dog Pillow: I made this pillow for Stella out of an old coffee sack. If only she'd enjoy it. Thankless little dog. 

There it is. Any questions?

As a reminder, here is what our bedroom looked like 6 short months ago.

P.S. check out the new Oscar photo and collage.

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