Valentine's Day Mantel featured on BHG Website

Adios Christmas and New Years, Hello Valentine's Day! Naturally, I measure time by the holidays. Decorate for Halloween, clean up Halloween decor, decorate for Thanksgiving, clean up Thanksgiving decor, decorate for Christmas, clean up Christmas Decor, decorate for Valentine's Day...

This year BHG (Better Homes and Garden's Magazine) sent me Valentine's Day smooches a little early! They included my 2011 Valentine's Day Mantel in their Website's Valentine's Day Mantel Slide Show! 
BHG! BHG! BHG! Somebody poke me with Cupid's Arrow, I think I'm dreaming! Couldn't wait to share, Happy Valentine's Day New Year!

P.S. Home Depot has paint samples on sale for .50. Even Martha Stewart's 8oz. samples, originally 3.25. I bought a purse full!


  1. Holy cats! That is BIG news! BIG BHG news! I'm so proud of you. When you have your own homemaking empire, please remember us little people ;)

  2. CONGRATS! I am poking you with cupids arrow!
    #1 mantel in my eyes, #1 mantel on the slide show!

  3. It's about time your decorating talents get recognized by somebody like BHG! Congrats. So exciting, Mrs. Lovely. PS: I plan to make a paper star this week. I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. Do you have any details on the glass/wooden frame?

  5. Blackdina, it's nothing fancy....just an old window. The pic is scotched taped to the glass. You could try craigslist for a cheap or free old window!?