not a fan!

Still in the bedroom and about to reveal our new ceiling light. But first a little reminder of what was...
Sayonara ceiling fan! Hello pendant light!
I attempted a chandelier style light in the bedroom before I found this beauty. Too big, way TOO Big! We would have been able to hide our mess behind this light. 
With new direction, I found our new light for 100.00 at Menards! You know what they say, "Save Big Money at Menards." Who knew Menard's had it in them?!
Oscar and I watching Henry's light show. (The Rose Bowl was on downstairs...Go Ducks!)

The bottom piece is glass, I was afraid it might be plastic when I saw it hanging in the store.
 I think this light is the modern kick this bedroom needed.

(the quality of this pic sucks & reminds me of the 'before' infomercial makeover pics where the lady is in clothes 10x her size, sticking out her gut with ratted hair) 
(all cleaned up!)
Folks, this is about it for the master bedroom. I am making a few tweaks that i will share next week, but I am pretty excited about how it has come together...for now:)

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